Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here are the most important things to consider when building a cedar log home.

Here are the most important things to consider when building a cedar log home.
The perfect piece of property does not exist for the most part. You may have to make some compromises when searching for property depending on where you are looking to build your log home. Although it may seem like a dauting task, finding property can be accomplished as long as you remain focused and put in the effort necessary. Working with a local real estate agent who specializes in land will be more helpful than one who is more familiar with working with exising homes. Simply search around online and look for such an agent. Also, the Internet can become a great resource for locating potential home sites. Use real esate websites as well as those who promote land for sale by owner's like Craig's List. You just might might that "perfect piece of property if you search all available outlets. Don't forget to tell family and friends about your land search. They very well may know someone that is considering selling a piece of property that is perfect for you. You may be able to get the inside track before the property is even listed. Don't get will find the property of your dreams with some effort.
Now the property is procured, you can't wait to start builing your log home. Next, you have to design your new log home. Mountain Creations offers over 40 standard log home plans. DOn't be discouraged if one of our plans doesn't fit your needs. There are plenty of options. We can help you, free of charge, custom design the home to exactly fit your needs. We offer our plan book as a springboard for our customers to use for ideas for their log home. Maybe you have seen a plan that you like from another source...that's no problem. We are not picky. We would be more than happy to help you design your dream log home from one of our plans, a plan you designed, or a plan you found online. We will even tell you if there can be changes made to make the design more cost effective. Remember, this is all done for our customers...FREE OF CHARGE.
The land is ready, the plan is all set, now it's time to get your construction loan.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Before you embark on designing your log home dream it is best to do some preliminary work and establish a realistic budget for your project. Once this is done you can work with an approximate size parameter for your home.

Keep in mind that most people do not build a stock floorplan home. Usually one of our floorplans is modified, or a plan is adapted from another source, or a complete custom design is developed. However your plan originates, Mountain Creations can cost it out and develope your final blueprints with realistic cost projections from basement to the kitchen stove.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Title: Beyond the Log Home Package

There are many misconceptions within the log home industry but one of the most common seems to be when it comes to the log home package.
Some frequently asked questions:

What do you include in your log package?

At Mountain Creations Log Homes, we include items that make sense and mostly include components that we manufacture.

It is very important to remember that every log home company offers a different package or "kit" and comparing apples to apples is virtually impossible for the homeowner or the log home companies themselves. At Mountain Creations Log Homes we strive to go beyond the log package and help our customers with each facet of their log home. We can help you coordinate everything from your building permit to the flooring.

Our standard log package includes all of your Exterior 6 x 6 D Style Log Walls, R 38 Exposed Roof Rafter System, Exposed 2nd Floor System, Heavy Timber Porch Roof Systems & Decking and Interior Tongue & Groove for all interior walls, ceilings & closets. In addition to these components our standard package includes complete custom design & construction blueprints, Accessories and Sikkens Cetol stain.

Do you include Windows & Doors?

If you have put some time into researching log homes you know that some companies include windows & doors, while some include shingles and others include interior doors only. There is no consistency from company to company.

We do not include windows & doors, interior doors or shingles for a few very simple reasons. We want our customers to have the freedom to choose whichever window company or style of shingle or metal roof that fits their taste. No two Mountain Creations Log Homes are alike and you will have the opportunity to customize your home to your exact liking. When it comes to these items, you will want to have these delivered when you need them to make life easier on the builder as well as keep your windows from becoming damaged during construction. We have set up relationships with Pella Windows as well as local lumber companies to allow you the flexibility you need and offering you great deals and general contractors pricing.

Remember when it comes to building your house that there is much more involved than just the log package. There is no magic formula or perfect multipliers for determining the cost of your log home. We will help you cost out each component of your home and help you stay in budget. Call us today to learn more about how to get started. 814-673-3336.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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